Hands-on cooking course

in the fishing village of Cetara, on the Amalfi coast.

Tailored for minimum 2 participants.



Charming fishing village from 880
As the sun rises behind the Salerno bay, the fishing boats return to the harbour of Cetara - an ancient fishermen's village with 2000 inhabitants. The locals rush to the harbour, as the fishermen sell fresh fish directly from the boats. The history of this charming, still authentic village dates back to the year 880 when it was a settlement for armed muslims. The name refers to the Latin words "cetaria" and "cetari."

Colatura di alici
Cetara has become known for its colatura which is a fish sauce made from anchovis. The recipe dates back to ancient Rome, and to a group of medieval monks who recoved the sauce. It is these origins that the Cetarian colatura is based on.

Chef Antonio
The heart of this village is one-room restaurant Punto e pasta where chef Antonio cooks delicious seafood and fish dishes using his original ideas, passion for cooking and fresh fish and seafood that come from the sea just a few steps away. He wants to keep his restaurant small, so that all the ingredients are fresh and the dishes remain hand-made.  This restaurant is one of the reasons for why culinary tourists as well as locals return to this place over and over again.

Photos: Marja Seppälä

Hands-on cooking course for you
Together with Antonio we have created the programme for hands-on cooking course which can last from one day to four days, upon your wish. The idea for this course came from the fact that our travellers just fell in love with his dishes and wanted to know how they were made. So, we decided to start organizing the courses. Moreover, the warmth and cosy atmosphere of Antonio's restaurant is something that always makes one want to stay and enjoy the energy together with wonderfully prepared fresh healthy food.

Cetara is located 9 kilometers from Salerno on the Amalfi coast. Between Cetara and Salerno you find a fascinating village of ceramics Vietri sul Mare. The SITA-bus between Salerno and Cetara runs smoothly as well as the boats. From Cetara you can take a bus or a boat to Salerno as well as to other villages on the Amalfi coast: Minori, Maiori, Amalfi, Positano - and even to Capri island. 

To lovely seaside town Salerno with 135 00 inhabitants is easy to arrive from Rome as well as from Naples. From Naples the train takes you to Salerno within 40 minutes, and from Rome within two hours.

The old town of Salerno is filled with charm: there are several artisans working in their own boutiques as well as lovely wine bars and small restaurants.
The Duomo of Salerno and the Arechi Castle are worth visiting. Vittorio Emanuele is a street where you can do shopping and stop for an aperitif. Teatro Verdi offers ballets, operas and concerts all year round.
Preliminary program

Day 1
Arrival in Cetara and accommodation in Albergo Diffuso Cetara.

Day 2
Cooking day: start at 10.15 am.: filled anchovis fillets and parmigiana di alici.

Day 3
Cooking day: start at 10.15 am: cozze ripiene alla spezzina, stuffed mussels and calamari ripieni, stuffed calamari

Day 4
Cooking day: start at 10.15 am: polpette di alici, anchovis balls and seppia con patate, cuttlefish with potatoes and seasonal vegetables.

Day 5
Cooking day: start at 10.15 am.: marinated fish and seafood served in a Neapolitan style

After your cooking, you will enjoy a beautiful lunch together with local wine. After your course you have time to explore Cetara, Salerno and the rest of the coast. We are happy to give you ideas to make your days unforgettable. Cetara has a lovely beach where you can just relax and take a swim.

Day 6

Price 750€ / per person includes
*4-day cooking course with daily lunch
*five nights accommodation in a double room at Albergo Diffuso Cetara
*the presence of ArsMondo's guide

*Flights and transport to and from Cetara is not included.

You can reserve your cooking course by sending us an email at info@arsmondo.fi or by calling +358 44 32 00 008.
Reservation fee of 200€ per person is due within 7 days.